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MIT student develops Super Mario Kart using $1,700 plus worth parts

Developed by Nintendo EAD, go-kart racing video game Super Mario Kart is one of the more popular Super Mario spin offs in the vintage gaming world though the vehicle displayed in the game doesn’t have the same cult following as the Tron bike. But that fact hasn’t stopped MIT mechanical engineering student Charles Guan from building himself a life-size, fully working replica of the kart that he lovingly calls the Chibikart.

Mario Kart

Not too sure how the kart would be helpful to the student in developing a career in robotics but the DIY project that took him three weeks to complete says much about his pioneering spirit and craftsmanship. The prototype works just like a regular go kart though it features a much comfier seat and a three spoke steering system that comes without the wheel.

Mario Kart

We’re not sure how impressed Guan’s parents feel about their son spending the big chunk of their life’s savings that went into paying for his college tuition (and the $1300-$1750 dollars that he spent on building a kart that isn’t breakthrough in technological terms by any stretch of the imagination), but at least it shows that socially-inept techies who don’t feel too comfortable enjoying go-karting in public can still enjoy the spills and thrills of kart racing within the corridors of their college dorms.

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