Minu Tuner: Alarm clock that looks like a radio

minu tuner K2Qqu 58
Following the success of its unique ‘Time Tuner,’ alarm clock with a built-in mp3 player, the Antrepo Design Industry has yet again popped up with an alarm clock that literally looks like a conventional radio. Called the ‘Minu Tuner,’ the new alarm clock by the Turkish company comes with an analog style that breaks away from the traditional communicative digital clock face. Resembling the horizontal tuner of an analog radio, the Minu Tuner employs the line indicator as the minutes display and the big numbers for hours. The clock requires some approximation to tell the exact time, owing to its vertical minute line. The Minu Tuner comes in Pure Black, Clean White and Strong Metal finishes and you may pick one for yourself from red, yellow, blue, orange and green colors.

minu tuner 1 YSLdA 58
minu tuner 2 9i7FX 58
minu tuner 3 fvh8w 58

Via: Likecool

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