Minidisk MP3 player becomes an extension of your body

minidisk mp3 player 01

The latest innovations in technology have reduced the size of modern gadgets in a huge way, allowing the users carry their devices wherever they go with minimum fuss. The Minidisk MP3 player by Brandon Champney is an identical music player, rather portable music player (PMP), which offers a great variety to the square and bulky design of conventional MP3 players. Featuring a concave shape, the Minidisk presents a variety of comfortable ergonomic holding position, so you could grasp the player easily and quickly from a flat surface. You may move the MP3 player while on a walk or a bike ride, as an extension of your body and enjoy your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere.

minidisk mp3 player 02
minidisk mp3 player 03
minidisk mp3 player 04
minidisk mp3 player 05

Via: Behance

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