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Miniature replica of Tokyo crafted from paper looks delightful and enchanting

Are you really fond of doll houses and LEGO land? Did you spend hours gaping at Toyland printed on the cover of Noddy? If yes, then you should take a look at this marvelous miniature town created from paper. The craft brings to life the city of Tokyo. The artist has primarily fashioned the identical topography at the Asakusa district of Tokyo. The colorful landscape with all its charming niceties will steal your heart away.

City of Tokyo Entirely From Paper

The artist behind this wonderful creation is Yumiko Matsui. The talented craftsman is surprisingly a self taught artist. The only training she’s had is the hours spent with her aunt, who was heavily into paper crafting, and made miniature houses from papyrus sheets. The NYC based but Osaka born artist wanted to showcase the cherished memories of her home town and the nostalgia made her fabricate Tokyo as she remembers it from colored paper.

That is right, only colored paper has been used to make this setup, which was pasted together with water based glue. Of course, the skill of folding paper came handy while crafting the marvel. The layout has the buildings, market place, roads and even little gals from the city. The Denpo-in street is lined with houses and shops. Details like traffic signals, zebra crossings, high rises, tea houses and the vendors selling food are really endearing. The toy gals are actually known as “Shibuya girls.”

What’s even more overwhelming is how the artist has got the entire lifeline of Tokyo just right. Moreover, an exhibit made only from paper deserves special attention. Without a doubt, that is a very eco friendly undertaking, isn’t it? The whole neat and clean arrangement makes it hard to believe that a down to earth and simple methodology like paper crafting was used to build it.

Via: Inhabitat

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