Mini-Nespresso, portable coffee machine for caffeine addicts

nespresso portable coffee machine 02

If you are one of those addicts who cannot start your day without a cuppa coffee, designer Hopfgartner Gerda has a portable coffee machine designed to let you enjoy the booster, regardless of the occasion or location. Dubbed “Mini-Nespresso,” the mobile coffee-machine includes a 300 ml detachable water tank that can be refilled afterwards. Integrating the cups within, through a technical design, the Mini-Nespresso runs on electricity via a rechargeable battery or an adapter. Ideal for trekking or camping, the portable coffee machine easily fits in your backpack and lets you enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

nespresso portable coffee machine 01
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Via: Gavari Design

21 thoughts on “Mini-Nespresso, portable coffee machine for caffeine addicts”

    1. Hi, I love the look of this portable Nespresso machine….could you send more details and where it may be purchased(Australia) please? Thank you in advance. Cheers, Antoinette

  1. Hello i want to buy mini nespresso portable so please give me the price and the location because i need quantity for my restaurant

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