Mini Elefan fan looks like a mechanical, industrial cousin of the Pachyderm

Table fans are a dime a dozen in the market though most of them frankly make the user feel poor and underprivileged! Since air conditioning and the subsequent power bills are not really affordable for the masses without jobs around the globe, the world needed a cute and inviting table fan that didn’t push us deeper into depression over the state of our nation’s economy. Fitted with an expressive trunk-like tube, the Elefan by Yuen’to Design draws on the form of the elephant’s head and takes biomimicry to yet another humorous level.

Pachyderm-Inspired Fan

The fan is constructed out of ABS plastic which is safe for use in homes with children. Since the fan throws out air via a trunk like structure, the fan blades are never exposed and hence cannot be poked into by children or curious adults with nothing better to do with their lives.

The Mini Elefan measures just 7″ W x 8″ H x 4″ D and allows users to control the angle and direction of the wind flow thanks to the adjustable duct. The fan comes with an inbuilt aroma diffuser and features an extendable duct and a Blue LED power indicator. The fan can be operated in strong, weak, rhythmical power modes and can be charged via a handy USB cable. The $75 Mini Elefan is offered in summer-appropriate shades like gray, white and green.

Via: Gizmodo

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