Mimeo: Interactive writable cellphone lets you pen down your messages

mimeo 02

Typing a message or email on a mobile phone often becomes irritating, as it takes too much time and effort on part of the sender. Providing a solution, designer Sam James Chu has devised an interactive cellphone that instead of typing the message lets you pen down the messages and saves you precious time in searching the keys on your mobile phone. Dubbed “Mimeo,” the writable cellphone allows users to make calls or send text messages without looking at the screen. To make a call, you only have to write down the person’s name or phone number and then press the call button to start the chat. While the text message can be send by writing down the message and pressing the pen button located at the lower part of the mobile phone. The writable cellphone also features an OLED touchscreen for easy scrolling.

mimeo 01

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