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Micromodulo modular dome house lets you escape the grid in some style

Inspired by the works of American futurist and systems theorist Buckminster Fuller and futurist, concept artist and self-educated structural designer Jacque Fresco, the Micromodulo is a petite custom housing module by designer Mark Beccaloni that is created to allow users to go off the grid without giving up the comforts of home. The eco module measures just 30 square meters and uses a system of self-sustained lifestyle that shifts the focus of homeowners towards being producers themselves from being pure consumers of goods and services.


The dome-like structure features a flushless toilet called the envirolet that contributes towards the module’s fertilizer production and minimizes the wastage of freshwater resources. A mushroom-like water collection system ensures freshwater supply which is run through a filter to make it fit for human consumption while photovoltaic panels allow people to live completely off the grid in all weather condition and even give back to the grid by selling off surplus power.

A 10 cm thick low density biofoam and high density wafer form the sturdy insulation in the structure that allow the dome to have the same eco benefits as a passive house while its deflective finish prevent the petite structure from heating up during the summer thanks to its geodesic cell system.

Even though the space inside the Micromodulo is sufficient to cater to all housing needs for an individual, the dome can be expanded to make it more conducive to the needs of a whole family with the addition of cylindrical modules. The structure itself is created to be very strong which can withstand decades of use as well as transportation to various locations as a housing solution for on-site workers, researchers and visitors to festivals etc.

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