Michelin CAPARAZON concept doesn’t rely entirely on electronics

caparazon 03
Probably drawing inspiration from the shell of turtles, Argentine designer Marcos Madia has come up with a futuristic vehicle for Michelin that would protect commuters as well as pedestrians by absorbing the fierce impacts, in the case of an accident. The “CAPARAZON,” as the designer calls the vehicle, is a car that doesn’t rely on electronics, as the propulsion is given by four in-wheel electric motors, which draw energy from batteries located in the base of the car. Finished with a flexible material developed by Michelin, which has different levels of density as it gets near to the center, the vehicle would absorb the deformation of possible impacts. The exterior surface of the car presents the lowest density in order to protect the pedestrians; while on the other hand, the one-piece aluminum cabin features high density to protect the occupants, in the case of being run over. Moreover, the CAPARAZON is easy to produce and comes integrated with exchangeable parts for easy replacement.

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caparazon 01
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[Thanks Marcos]

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