MIA: Interactive urban street lighting to control light intensity using Smartphones

MIA - Interactive Urban Street Lighting

Street lights can act as a perfect dampener at times. They come sans any option to customize the intensity of light as per someone’s whims and fancies. People have to live with the way they function, even if they are not happy with the whole setup. But, the product in question will give public an opportunity to actively control the lighting system as per their whims and fancies. Christened MIA, the interactive urban street lighting system has been proposed by LX. It will give an all new meaning to the way general people looks at such lighting systems.

MIA will make good use of modern technology. The introduction of smart phones has made lives easier, and it vows to keep sprinkling benefits even in the near future. Designers are using smart phones as a base for their creations, which makes the product easy to use. MIA makes good use of smart phones and QR-codes, which will let people access and have power over the street light. This helps the user read and open a downloadable application, which will endow them with the flexibility to set the intensity as well as the quality of the public lights. Wow!

Both the intensity and quality can be set as per the mood and occasion at hand. If someday you feel like soothing those frazzled nerves under a blanket of stars, simply soften the intensity and slip into a blissful state. For a party or a get together on a terrace, the same street light can be used to brighten up that area, which will kill the cost of additional lighting. MIA will shorten the gap between a private environment and public lighting. So, customize the lighting as per your needs with MIA and set the perfect mood for your dwellings. But, one thing that leaves me puzzled is what will happen if someone wants the street light to sparkle with all its worth and their neighbor wants to opt for a softer option?

Via: Behance

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