Mi-Sport presents the world’s first fully waterproof, wireless MP3 headphones

mi sport mp3 player headphones 01

We have seen a number of wearable music players in the past, but the new MP3 player headphones from Mi-Sport is a headset with difference that integrates a waterproof MP3 player with text to voice software. Claimed to be the world`s first fully waterproof and wireless headset, the new sports device includes the controls on the exterior of the headphones to adjust the volume or track. In addition, the wearable MP3 reads your album text or personalized playlist and voice back to you like an iPod Shuffle. Touting 4GB of built-in memory with 7 hours of battery life, the headset also features waterproof soft sponge earplugs, worn underneath the headphones, while swimming or enjoying music in the rain. Ideal for gym goers, runners, cyclists and swimmers, the wearable device supports MP3, WMA and AAC music formats and is compatible with both the PC and Mac.

mi sport mp3 player headphones 02
mi sport mp3 player headphones 03

Via: Chipchik

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