Meteor Table’s price tag will leave you gasping for breath!

meteor table

Okay, so you have enough moolah to throw around and you don’t know what to do with it. Well, here is a not-so-great-looking table that could lessen the considerable weight of your wallet in case you like it. The Meteor Table, cast in bronze is a pockmarked table with so many holes that’ll leave you searching for space in case you have to place something on it. The 750 pound table cast in bronze to imitate the natural teak root is up for grabs for $55,000 and there are just six of them for sale. Like I said, the breath taking table is sure to leave you grasping for breath!If you are desperate to lighten your wallet, go for it…or let the maker adorn these pockmarked beauties in his living and have a blast.

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