Metcalfe takes the late Peter Wheeler’s Scamander ATV out for a spin anywhere on the planet

Harry Metcalfe, the amazing Editorial Director and founder of Evo magazine, has held on to one of the most enviable jobs in the world since 1998 which has allowed him to behold, own, drive and criticize almost every great vehicle known to man so far. So when Mr. Metcalfe tells us that he’s just seen the “most amazing vehicle”, you know it’s a really special automotive that we’re talking about here. And the legend doesn’t appear to have been totally off the mark with his lavish praise. The Scamander ATV created by Peter Wheeler takes it all-terrain promise a little too seriously delivering a tip speed of 120mph on land going up to 60 mph from a standing start in around 6 seconds thanks to a V6 engine capable of outputting 300-horsepower.


Wheeler who owned TVR, the renowned British boutique automaker, for around two and a half decades, designed and built the Scamander ATV sadly passed away before he could complete the vehicle’s water-going mechanism though his vision was brought to life as closely as its creator could have by his wife and the team of engineers from his firm who gave it an impeller at the rear that allows the vehicle to be driven over water almost as normally as it is driven on land.

Via: Auto Blog

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