Meshboard doubles up as a platter and a serving bowl

Do you absolutely hate having to use and wash a lot of utensils that are needed during the food preparation process? Then the Meshboard is the all-in-one kitchen product for you. Created by designer Can Guvenir, the board consists of a perforated and an unperforated foldable chopping surface as well as a lower chamber made in melamine that can be used as a platter to serve food or as a colander.


The versatile product makes food preparation and food serving process less messy for people who absolutely hate having to go through a lot of utensils every time they cook. The Meshboard is fashioned out of high density elastic polymer made using double injection method. One side of the board features a triangle textured surface that allows the flat board to be shaped into a bowl or a decorative shallow platter on demand.

The Meshboard is the perfect versatile kitchen product for smaller kitchens where storing a lot of utensils can be a bit of an issue. The board also allows users to create customized bowls and platters in shapes they desire that can be adjusted to accommodate both large as well as smaller servings of prepared food.

Source: Can Guvenir

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