Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel concept is an off-roading beast

mercedes benz hexawheel concept1

Imitating the Mercedes-Benz in its design, the latest concept by Iranian engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi is designed to overcoming large obstacles. Dubbed the “Hexawheel”, this three-seater off-roader features a six-wheels layout and an all-wheel-drive system. The diesel engine is combination with a flexible hydraulic power transmission system powers the vehicle. Taking inspiration from Mercedes-Benz for its exterior design, the stunning 4.8 meters long concept exhibits angular shapes and an industrial look. The 0.95 meters wheelbases show way to a ground clearance of 46 cm. The Hexawheel is just the perfect for the adventure freaks and people who need to move in extremely difficult conditions and terrains.

mercedes benz hexawheel concept2

mercedes benz hexawheel concept3

mercedes benz hexawheel concept4

Via: CarBodyDesign

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