Mercedes-Benz designer creates a wacky water faucet

hansa latrava1

The contemporary Hansa Latrava water faucet is a creation of collaboration between Octopus Design and Bruno Sacco, the former head of Mercedes-Benz design. Since it’s from a Mercedes-Benz designer, we do expect it to be exceptional, both in form and function. The design part is quite interesting, as the faucet throws out water in the form of a waterfall onto a fixed place in the sink. Other than the shower-like waterfall effect, the Hansa Latrava designer faucet features LED water temp indicators and a stylish on/off button. With the gorgeous design and clever functionality, the Hansa Latrava water faucet is sure to lure you and everyone else to linger at the sink a little longer.

hansa latrava2hansa latrava3hansa latrava4hansa latrava5

Via: Gizmodo/OctopusDesign

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