Menu Magnetic Dumbells – A pair of ‘beautiful’ dumbbells

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Talking about beauty and dumbbells is like talking about the famous fairy tale characters ‘Beauty and the Beast’, where a conventional dumbbell is like the beast who is physically very hardy with absolutely no elegance or beauty. But now, the innovative Menu Magnetic Dumbells have changed this concept altogether. These are a pair of dumbbells that remain intertwined due to magnetic attraction when rested together. Unlike conventional dumbbells they have an attractively-contoured shape and their sleek, stainless steel polished surface makes them one of the most fashionable dumbbells that your gym can boast of. The curved contour can enable you to grasp the dumbbell better. Of course each dumbbell weighs only one kilogram. If you are a dainty exerciser, this is the equipment for you. But if you have a passion for building your body this is the wrong stopover.

Via: AcquireMag

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