Meizze table: Computer table doubles up as a study table

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Don’t have a big enough study room to accommodate a desk-table and a computer-table together? If so, then have a look at the ‘Meizze table’ by designer Arthur Ditlef, which essentially is a computer table but doubles up as a study table too. The Meizze table is a functional furniture unit that brings all the necessities of study in a single piece of furniture, maximizing the study experience at home. Being both a computer table and a writing desk, it annexes an easy access to the study tools, including a computer and a free surface for notebooks, books or a snack. Finished with MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), the functional table adapts to different types of computers. If necessary, the student can attach a separate piece used to support the computer tower. The auxiliary surface is expansive, giving the student more useful space and flexibility to the room space. Users can expand or contract the table according to their needs, while the minimalist design allows better concentration.

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[Thanks Arthur]

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