Meduse Human Powered Water Craft with a jellyfish like propulsion

Created by Bratislava, Slovakia’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design student Michaela Tvarůžková, the Meduse is a human powered water craft with a difference. The vessel is propelled by human effort though it uses a rather unique method of propulsion that is inspired by the movement of the jellyfish. The craft features silicone arms and an elastic bag on its underside that forms the major part of its propulsion system.


The vessel itself is comprised of two distinct parts, namely the underwater elastic bag and arms and the overwater glider. The hydrodynamically designed glider makes it easier for the vessel to smoothly travel across the water. When the user pumps air into the bag, it moves the silicone arms that mimic the motion of opening and umbrella thus providing the vessel a jellyfish like movement forward.

Via: Student Sky Design

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