Medirobot Medical Robotic Assistant makes lifting and moving patients more comfy

For people admitted to critical care in hospitals, being moved from bed to bed or from a bed to a day room can be a very disconcerting but unavoidable experience. The process is often equally unpleasant for care givers and healthcare professionals and they often struggle to lift the weakened patient from their beds and have them seated in a wheelchair. At the moment, the process involves multiple steps that require the patient to be lifted from a bed via a mechanical lifter, then from the lifter to a wheelchair before they can be wheeled to another location, and when the patient has to be returned to their beds, they have to be lifted from the wheelchair via a lifter and then placed on the bed. An innovative new concept called the Medirobot looks to cut down the process by half and have an intuitive-run robot serve as both the lifter and the wheelchair.


Conceptualized by Jules Parmentier and Nancy Nguyen, the Medirobot Medical robotic assistant is created by Pilotfish Taipei with the Pilotfish Munich Team chipping in with the final concept and design development. The device was based on research conducted in collaboration with Taipei Municipal Yan Ming Home for Disabled and looks to reduce the physical efforts for the caregiver and the physical discomfort for the patient being moved considerably. Also serving as intuitive infotainment terminal for the patient, the device body provides crucial patient info to the caregiver and allows them to lifts and transfers patients in hospitals without requiring an intermediate lifting device or an extra wheelchair.

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