Matthew Bradbury’s chair seems to defy the laws of physics

chair 1
Exploring the relationship between two contrasting pieces of material intertwining to sculpt into usable aesthetically pleasing furniture, British designer Matthew Bradbury has designed an anonymous though unique chair, which presenting a great flexibility can be finish with a variety of materials according to the need and liking of the users. Constructed with one sculptural piece of bamboo attached to four pieces of high quality perspex plastic, the trendy chair looks as if there are two separate pieces of material connecting together, thanks to the perspex bolted onto the bamboo. Defying physics, the solid part of the chair look like it’s balancing, while the translucent perspex also acts as support but visually makes it look as thought the bamboo is the main part of the design.

chair 2
chair 3
chair 4
chair 5
chair 6
chair 7

[Thanks Matt]

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