Matrix Phone 02 carries sci-fi to your pockets

the old futuristic phone 01
Drawing inspiration from old science fiction movies, South Korean designer Ungnoh Yoon has come up with a unique mobile phone dubbed “Matrix phone 02” that blends conventional design with contemporary technology. When the cellphone is closed, it looks like an old fashioned beeper or mobile device, but as soon as you slide the upper side, the Graphen display, one of the next gen technologies, pops up to change the mobile phone into a futuristic device. Featuring a compact size, the old futuristic phone just measures 140 (opened) and 90 (closed) x 50 x 15 mm (HWD). When closed, the Matrix phone shows a green OLED light to indicate simple and basic information like time, caller ID, quick dial info and so on, while on the other hand, when opened, the Graphen screen displays all the other information.

the old futuristic phone 02
the old futuristic phone 03
the old futuristic phone 04
the old futuristic phone 05
the old futuristic phone 06
the old futuristic phone 07

[Thanks Ungnoh]

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