Mathematics meets ergonomics in the Hilberts Chair

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This chair gets me all nostalgic and takes me back to my school days when I had to juggle with calculus and Hilbert transformations. See the connection? If you don’t I’ll be very glad to make you see how this chair is connected to mathematics and more importantly, the mathematician Hilbert. Moving to the design part, the brightly colored Chair looks more like a stool with it’s backless design but the crux of the design is the felt material that has been used to make this chair. Hilberts Chair consists of a single space filling loop design that has been achieved by Hilbert’s space filling formula. The long piece of felt has been woven in the shape of a chair and is designed very ergonomically to provide absolute comfort for it’s user. For this, designer Matthias Zaeh has hardened the felt at strategic points to provide firmness to the design and softened all the other points to let the user revel in the soft comfort that felt can give.
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Via: mazzaeh

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