MASA: The EV that can help you find Nemo


OK, granted this EV design has nothing to do with water crafts, but since “Masa” is the Marathi word for “fish,” we just couldn’t help but putting in the Nemo reference! Jokes aside, the fact that the design is inspired by the hydrodynamic curves of a fish is really something quite unprecedented in the trike concept world and makes this particular concept all the more delicious. Created by Mumbai-based designer Kamlesh Sawant, MASA uses the functionality of the contours of a fish with fin-like mud guards, and slimmed up aerodynamics at the rear allowing the vehicle a greater degree of movement than a regular aerodynamic design.

The detachable base functions as the downward curved chassis, which supports a boggy-esque body with narrowing LED headlights that taper along the exaggerated sides. The three-legged EV comes with independently powered and steered front wheels that are synced with an ECU while the high ground clearance offers the vehicle an additional degree of maneuverability.

All three wheels feature independent torsion spring suspension that lends the MASA an additional edge in all kinds of terrains. The use of advanced high starting torque motors in the EV eliminates the need to have clutch and gearbox driven hub motors that delay the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels. Although the vehicle doesn’t look anything like a conventional EV, we think that its environmental and performance creds will be sufficient to make it road-legal someday.

[Cheers Kamlesh]

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