Mark Little’s Electric Racing Car cuts through the air

electric racing car design up96V 58
Electric cars, hybrids and similar other notions seem to be the way ahead. Even the racing cars’ concepts that do the round these days seem to be going full monty on the green engines. Take Mark Little’s concept for a racing car for instance. It is lean, it is mean and oh yes, it is electric! The designer wanted to create a wedge profile-based concept that’d minimize resistance and drag. And Mark does precisely that by incorporating ducts for air intake that reduce drag and at the same time use air to cool off the electric engine. The electric motor is located at the rear and the air intake is located at the top of the body, which directs the air to the warm engine. Everything about the design is compact and hidden; only the rear tires are exposed outside of the body. The shape of the electric racing car is kept to the lowest possible, again to reduce drag, and the design is kept simple and slick. With a smooth form and a low center of gravity the car is guaranteed to stick to the side of the track effortlessly. Capable of reaching speed up to 210 km/h, this creation will flow past you in a blink. Check out more images of the ‘Electric Racing Car’ in the image gallery after jump.

Thanks Mark

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