Maplemap Light is all about lookin’ good


A lamp made of paper! You gotta be kiddin’ me! Only I’m dead serious. Bring together a papermaker and an origami expert and you are bound to end up with good looking but very impractical stuff. The Maplemap Light has exactly this characteristic as its claim to fame. Frédéric Guibrunet (a papermaker and lighting designer) and Didier Boursin (an expert in origami) displayed this and some other lamps at IDS08. The lamp’s composed of maple leafs cut out of cotton paper. Pointless to say, the lamp is more about being a piece of fancy art than a practical light source. This can also be inferred from the fact that Guibrunet has produced this as a limited edition piece, 100 signed and numbered. The assembly of Maplelight is to be done by the purchaser at home. Good enough as a piece of décor rather than an item of daily use, the Maplemap Light would definitely be a pricey thing in all probability.

Via: Dvice

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