Map your escape route amidst billowing smoke with the ‘Arrow’

It is very difficult to carry out rescue operations in places that are swamped with gas and smoke. Not only are you choking badly, but finding your way out of the smoky muddle is quite tricky. You cannot see clearly, hence charting the way out of the chaos becomes really challenging. But, this smart gas mask makes this possible for you. Let’s try to understand why this design bagged the 2011 Red Dot award titled “Best of the best.”


To plot your way through the smoke, you are guided by an arrow sign created by a laser beam. This arrow can be easily spotted among fumes and thus you will never lose direction. People can find their way to the emergency exit in a short span of time and so many lives can be saved with this mask. Also, most gas masks used today only help people to breath. Finding an escape route remains a challenge as the thick blanket of smoke hinders your visibility. However, this clever design takes care of this drawback and thus is rightly called Arrow.


This handy contraption has other useful features also. It facilitates RFID operations. By pulling a string, communication between the survivor and rescuer can be established via the USN. This USN or Ubiquitous Sensor Network also comes handy in case there is an accident during the rescue operation. For the power supply, a one-touch pulling system has also been incorporated. The One Touch Use that comprises pulling a rope is very convenient as power and communication can be launched by a simple gesture during the bedlam of a rescue operation. This design is a creation of Prof. Jeon Sung-Su, Prof Kim Ki-Pil, Kang Kyung Rok, Jeon Ji Yong, Kang Dong Woo and Han Kyeong Chan.

Via: Naver

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