Manu Nest, a hanging chair formed using volcanic rocks

We all look forward to extract some time out from our hectic work routines and spend quality time with our family and friends by enjoying beautiful of the nature. To gear up for that, the first thing that comes to our mind is buying some cozy and durable outdoor furniture. The Manu Nest designed by Maffam Freeform is beautiful hanging chair ideal as open-air furniture for the terrace, garden, deck, patio etc.

Cool Hanging Chair

The Manu Nest has an uncomplicated, eye-popping design. Its form as well as its functionality makes it an appealing chair. It is an elegant and stylish hanging chair that can be hung in a place of your choice, promising comfort and relaxation. The reason that makes it a real cool chair is that it’s made up of volcanic rock. The designers of Manu Nest used Basalt fiber, a magmatic rock that replenishes very rapidly through volcanic activity and becomes an infinite source, which in turn is best used for making outdoor furniture.

Maffam Freeform combined Basalt fibers with ecoresin to create a structure that apart from being lightweight is quite long lasting. Such pieces of furniture are appropriate not only for the exteriors but can also serve as a decorative piece of furniture for the home interiors. It has an arresting visual impact and an almost spectacular look. You can hang this comfortable chair in the garden from any sturdy and tough surface.

The Manu Nest stands extraordinary for its attractively complicated design. The fact that this chair is made out of lava rocks takes it to greater heights. Although it is a striking piece of furniture for indoor use, but it is specially designed for outdoor spaces, as it is durable and light in weight, which makes it perfect for some weekend relaxation.

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