Mangekyo Kaleidoscope from U-mate brings color spectrum alive

u mate mangekyo kaleidoscope projector 1 53IxW 176

U-Mate’s Mangekyo Kaleidoscope Projector is a nice toy for children, or at least our inner child. It projects many many beautiful patterns onto the desired surface, thanks to its bright bulb and user-customizable bead tray. Further adjustments are possible by using the control buttons on the front and in addition to selecting the pattern, the button picture lets you sharpen and focus the image. The nice array of colors can be projected onto the ceiling, wall, or even floor, thanks to its 360 degree movement. The ball sits unattached on the stand and can be turned in any direction to point the lens wherever you want. For now though, this cool toy is only available in Japan, for a price of $170.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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