Man builds human-like sculptures from old typewriter bits

Artist creates human-like sculpture from recycled typewriter bits

In the 2000 movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays a FedEx employee who is left stranded on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is forced to use his primal instincts to survive on the island all alone. During the course of the movie, Hank’s character draws a face on a soccer ball and pretends that it is a friend and names it George. Hank’s character is devastated when the ball is swept away by the sea and feels that he has let his friend die. The story is a huge reflection of humankind’s need for companionship and it is this primal need for community that drives us to adopt pets, make imaginary friends and even think of stuffed toys as real people!


We really don’t know what prompted Californian artist Jeremy Mayer to fashion a human-like sculpture from typewriter scraps but we image that it has a lot to do with trying to fashion a friend out of the environment around you. Mayer is a professional sculptor who uses recycled typewriter scraps as his primary medium. For his latest project, Mayer used a lot of bits and pieces from, as many as 40 old and discarded typewriters to create the human-like sculpture. Interestingly enough, the artist created the whole thing through cold assembly which meant that he could use any kind of glue, soldering or welding to keep pieces together. To avoid putting joinery into the sculpture, the artist simply used other pieces of typewriters to create joints.

The sculpture is undoubtedly Mayer’s finest and stands tall among the 120-plus sculptures that the artist has created till now. Even though the artist is open to selling his wares, he has only sold just one so far though he is hoping that exhibiting the human sculpture will get him the exposure he needs to gain more customers.

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