Maltron ergo keyboard to meet the needs of single-handed users

maltron lefthand keyboard
Heading a step ahead in the PC accessories, the Marlton, specialist in designing ergonomic keyboards, has come up with single-handed keyboards that other than presenting a fresh look to your system also meet the needs of the users performing keyboard operations with single hand. allowing natural hand movement, the ergo keyboards present a special shape and letter layout to minimize finger movement, resulting in quick (up to 85 words per minute) as well as correct typing. Designed for both left and right-handed users, the single-handed keyboards apart from boasting a fully ergonomic design also supports “Touch Typing.” Featuring Push-On Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions (essential for single hand operation), the Maltron keyboards also offers unique switchable dual layout to confer an alternative number entry option to the users.

maltron lefthand keyboard1
maltron righthand keyboard1

Via: Core77

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