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Furniture shaped like makeup is a treat for the ladies

Men have struggled to understand the relationship women have with makeup for ages. Even the mighty and intuitive modern metrosexual failed to see how empowering and protective and soothing makeup can seem to women who live their lives surrounded by it right from their childhoods. Since there is no non-living symbol nearly as emotive to a women as makeup, designer Marita Francescon used it to create her stunning line of women-centric furniture.


Furniture shaped like makeup
Furniture shaped like makeupFurniture shaped like makeup

The European Institute of Design graduate intended for her MakeUp Now! line to have a distinct City-life, post-Sex vibe which is ironic in the way college grads and hipsters use the word. The designer used the shapes of popular makeup items like a nail polish to create an LED lamp, a hat stand that is shaped like mascara, a stool that resembles an open lipstick, a take that looks like an eyeshadow case and an armchair that looks like a face powder case to create the most unusual yet appealing furniture that is aimed to appeal to the emotional nature of women while examining their relationship to makeup.


Furniture shaped like makeup
Furniture shaped like makeupFurniture shaped like makeup

In keeping with the unusual design inspiration, the entire collection used colors like fuchsia, pink and red. We would have loved to see her collaborating with a major cosmetics label to create a collection that is more in sync with the shades that are hot for the season and we wouldn’t have minded a little branding to make the furniture seem more realistic though we are absolutely happy to see that someone out there is designing furniture that would provides a feminine equivalent of the “bachelor pad” look.

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