Make most of your idle time reading magazines at Magazine Kiosk bus stop

magazine kiosk1

Long waits at the bus stop can make you slip in a state of boredom. Killing time while waiting for the bus to arrive can make even a few minutes seem like hours. Carved out aesthetically not only to shelter you from harsh weather but also provide a seating space to relax/ read is this Magazine kiosk in Mexico.

Shaped in the form of a candy dispenser, Paty Avelar’s creation can stock up to 114 magazines which are on sale. The whole frame has been given a very fresh and comfortable appearance. Once there, don’t even think of stealing or damaging a magazine because all the reading material comes with a specific code, so locating them won’t be much of a problem.

Read, relax, eat or wait, it gives you ample choices to make good use of your precious time. Bus stops with a Magazine Stand/Kiosk provide so much comfort that it won’t be startling if someone leaves for the stop much before time.

magazine kiosk2
magazine kiosk3

[Cheers Paty]

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