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Make your lifestyle healthy with Fresco

We read the importance of including vegetables and fruits in our diet almost every second day, but somehow don’t consume the recommended amount even after knowing the benefits. Emily Maskey’s Fresco will make sure that fresh fruits and vegetables become an important part of your diet and not left to rot in the refrigerator by making them all the more accessible.


The eye pleasing design has been created keeping easy accessibility in mind, which has a box like appearance. Fresco will act like a mini refrigerator, which can be kept anywhere and won’t consume a lot of space. The thermodynamically cooled design will control humidity, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Containers or jars of various sizes can be fitted in the frame that has a 30 degree viewing angle. Storage jars of two different sizes can be easily fitted in the design that has double walled clear sliding doors.

Transfer fresh fruits and vegetables into the Fresco storage jars and rinse them directly while they are placed inside the jar. The bottom of these jars has a mesh like structure that appears when the tab is rotated. This makes sure that all the water is drained out of the jar. The slide doors, crafted out of polyethylene, make it possible to access the fresh produce both through the lid as well as the window. Condensation and excess of UV light exposure will be kept under check by these double walled doors.

The design comprises of spritzers that individually control the humidity level inside each jar. Ethylene exposure can rot fresh produce, which will be prevented as the inside comes lined with ethylene filters. The cooling system is very effective and does not use gases or compressors. Fresco, with its ingenious designing, is bound to leave people impressed with its efficiency and easy accessibility.

[Cheers Emily]

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