Majestic Steam Room concept is a Turkish (bath) delight

Steam rooms are one of the most popular features of the modern spa experience. However, the demands of functionality imposes a rather strict boundary around any steam room and they are relegated to being boring and tedious in terms of decor. The Majestic Steam Room concept by Mehmet Ak├ža, however, looks to bring a splash of color to steam rooms and infuses them with a vibrancy that is rare for such places.

Majestic : Steam Room

The steam room comes with all its surfaces fully covered in marble. Since the seats would be sculpted out of marble monoliths, the chance of bacterial and fungal buildup in crevices between seats and joints is minimized. The natural soothing quality of marble also produces a calming effect that draws inspiration from the traditional Turkish bath designs. The curved seating allows droplets to be condensed and drain away behind the seats.

The Majestic Steam Room concept also features a fountain in its center, which offers a pleasant departure from regular steam room designs. The flow of water in the fountain also helps to regulate the humidity and temperature inside the steam room and water drain system hidden under it helps in removing water accumulated on the floor and prevents it from becoming slippery.

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