Maitre: Touch sensitive mirror with a musical high

maitre 1

Mirrors will now no more remain as bathroom essentials and no longer will you require an iPod or an MP3 player in your bathroom, as the “Maitre,” a touchscreen mirror from Stocco, will solve both the purposes. This sleek touchscreen mirror comprises features that will transform your bath into your own private lap of luxury. At its lower right corner, a touchscreen console offers an easy programming and operation of a radio, date and barometer. To sing your heart out in the shower you have an MP3 player as well. This stylish bathroom collection comes in sizes from 90 cm to 2 m featuring a mirror demister with a sensor and with the choice of an integrated or exterior lamp. This mirror is polished and mounted on an aluminum frame that complements any existing style and gives a grace to your spa-inspired space and a reflection of modern luxury.

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