Magnetic Office Set helps you stick your office supplies to your cubicle wall

1 DvB1Z 1333
You know how you can never manage to get enough desk space in your cubicle no matter how organized you are? Well, I bet you never noticed how much space office stationary and other small supplies hog up. To remedy the problem of space and ever-missing staplers and pens we bring you this innovative new Magnetic Office Set that lets you stick all your smaller supplies like pens, paper clips, whiteboard markers, paper notes, staplers, sticky tape, hole punchers, staple removers and business cards to a magnetic whiteboard that can also be used as a temporary doodle drawing board! Perfect for home or office use, the whiteboard lets you stay organized even in smaller spaces and for a mere $34.95, makes you life much more easier also letting you free a lot of work space!

Source: Deals Direct