Magic Bullet: A harmless yet effective remedy for troublemakers

U.S army has come up with an innovative find. A magic bullet that hovers around the target, hangs out in midair but won’t kill. This find can act as a perfect fit for the army to deal with law and order problems where the target is to stop troublemakers from destroying public property.

Magic Bullet

Combination of previous technologies

The U.S army has worked upon its previous technology namely Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System (LMAMS). The magic bullet has been designed to hit a human target in twenty seconds and flies about 100 meters above the ground level.

In case the present innovation falls short of expectations the army is planning to conduct further research that will make the magic bullet hover around the target for over thirty minutes before pinning them down.

Efforts are also being made to add a non lethal warhead to the magic bullet, since the main purpose of the bullet is to intimidate trouble creators and not to harm them physically. The army is though tight lipped on the kind of non lethal options they are considering for the magic bullet. The use of heat ray has been ruled out as the power required for heat ray to become active is beyond the range of any such non lethal powerhead as of now.

Still in its infancy

The system is still in its infancy and range of options are being considered to make it fully operational. With U.S troops deployed in a range of trouble creating spots including Afghanistan, an early initiation of this technology can bring relief to the army. Switchblade drone is a perfect example of LMAMS technology that would allow soldiers to direct a missile towards the enemy through a laptop.

More work is needed to make the LMAMS technology truly non lethal and security experts in United States have been working on a range of options to make it a viable alternative to the bullet.

Via: Wired

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