Madrid To Be Re-Designed As The City Of Justice


The blue-print of the design of the civil courts in Madrid is in place. According to the masterplan of the Madrid Civil Courts ( presented on 22 January 2008), a single area in the city would house all the judicial departments of the city. This would help the inhabitants of Madrid access the courts more easily, and would definitely guarantee ease of communication. The area of Madrid reserved for the civil courts would reside a total of 15 separate buildings. Some of the most renowned architects of the world have been nominated for designing these civil courts, including Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Richard Rogers and FOA. The entire designing process is expected to be take up a period of six years—from 2008 to 2014.

The master plan of the Madrid Civil Courts distinctly points at one common feature of all the buildings—their rounded shapes. This proposed structure would surely pose a challenge to all the engineers and architects involved, to come up with the best possible designs of the courts, taking such issues as the availability of natural light and the control of solar heat gains into consideration. The theoretical design plans for the proposed civil courts in Madrid are ready. It is now up to the designers to implement the plans and turn Madrid into a true City Of Justice by 2014.

source: irishconstruction

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