Macho, yet romantic C-119 Aileron Coffee Table is a bachelor pad must-have

C-119 Aileron Coffee Table

A few decades ago, the coolest kids on the block got their parents to buy them beds that looked like racecars. Guess what those kids furnished their homes with when they grew up? Possibly stuff like this awesome coffee table that is made from the aileron of a Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar. The WWII-era cargo-hauler remains one of the most iconic military aircrafts from the middle of the last century with every bit of its structure having been embedded into our minds via black-and-white reels of war footage and various war-themed Hollywood period flicks.

The coffee table, however, focuses on the hinged flight control mechanism of the awe-inspiring C-119, borrowing the bit of aviation legend that is instantly recognizable by fans. The vintage airframes have been rubbed up to give them a high degree of luster to go with the glass but the metal still retains all the original texture of its make. Each tubular, structural frame comes powder coated and two layers of tempered glass allow users to peek into the fine details of the wing up close.

The double tiered glass aileron coffee table of course follows the huge recycling and repurposing trend that has swept through the furniture design circles in the recent years and joins other beauties like the DC-8 Cowling Desk and the KC 97 Fuel Cradle Table in providing aircraft enthusiast a chance to furnish their homes in a military theme. To be used as a stand alone accent piece of a part of a larger scheme, the C-119 Aileron Coffee Table is retro-licious in its own right and would give some much needed depth to any chrome-and-leather clad bachelor pad!

Via: MotoArt

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