Luz Guardado’s pedal-run sustainable washing machine concept

Sustainable washing machine

Remya Jose from Kerala, India is the 23-year-old innovator who created the world’s first ever pedal-driven washing-cum-exercise machine way back in 2005. Remya won National Award from the then Indian President Abdul Kalam. The planet-saving-human-effort run washing machine has now inspired another young innovator who has created a sustainably-powered washing machine that also utilizes a pedal-mechanism to replace the use of electricity.

Created by designer Luz Guardado, the sustainable design is easy to use and easier to maintain. The machine is so geared that it can wash all your clothes just like a regular electric-run washer would, without using even a single joule from any electricity supply.

Since the dawn of automation, push-button technology has been hailed as the liberator of humanity from routine chores that were otherwise accomplished over many painstaking hours. Although this seemingly made life better for a while, people soon got used to having a machine wash their clothes and consequently even the button-push washer became a tiresome routine to follow and people started relying on cleaning services and hired help to do the simple daily washing for them.

Its definitely not our place to judge people for wanting to make their lives more comfortable by the acquisition of expensive household gadgetry, but since most of these are run on electricity that unfortunately is still produced by burning charcoal, it ultimately leaves behind a huge carbon footprint and uses up a lot of freshwater in the process also.

The sustainably-powered washing machine concept looks to break this vicious cycle of energy dependency and energy use by taking the household gizmo off the grid and allowing people to use their leg power to get a load of washing done. The pedal-run machine has two tanks: a rotating tank with the pedals which holds the laundry and the other, a stationary one that is outside the frame and holds water and detergent.

The two-tank machine allows users to throw a load in, mix the water and the detergent in the tank outside and push the pedals to turn the laundry and soap water in the main tank. When the clothes need to be rinsed, users simple to need reload some fresh water in the outside tank and spin to rinse. To spin dry, the water supply has to be plugged off and then the tank can be spun to dry the clothes out.

The easy-to-assemble concept can be made using plastic or metal by fashioning the interior tank out of plastic or more natural materials like bamboo. The pedal mechanism can be borrowed from a regular bicycle and the water supply can be made into a manual fill-up tank for places where plumbing is not available, or a regular hose and connectors that fit into faucets can also be used to supply water.

The concept not only makes great sense as a green machine but also as a great way to burn calories at home while getting chores done!

Via: Behance

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