Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector redefines beach entertainment

Lumina beach chair

The Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector concept by Sid Bhat aims at providing beach-goers with a modular beach habitat. The design reinvents beach recreation by creating new ways of enjoying time spent by the sea by using technological advancement in an innovative way that does not adversely affect the natural environment. The projection system allows users to create 2 dimensional virtual projections of various beach activities like soccer, beach volleyball, yoga and dance that are presented in an interactive format. The design looks to remain as minimalistic as possible to ensure that the Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector is not an intrusive presence at crowded beaches.

The projector area of the Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector has a speaker embedded into it that allows a musical score to be played along with the activity being shown on the screen or as a background theme as well. Though the design is created to be used as a standalone projector, various other projectors in close proximity can also be linked together to create a much larger projection.

The projector proved in the Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector comes with enough lumens or brightness to be able to be used during the day or even in extremely well-lit areas. The projections can be used on any surface including the surface of the sand at the beach thanks to a unique halographic laser technology. The Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector also comes with an IR optical sensor that allows the user to interact with the virtual projections.

New programs, videos and audio can also be uploaded to its interface via Bluetooth technology. The use of Bluetooth allows the projector’s library to be updated without removing the memory card. The versatile Lumina Beach Chair with Interactive Projector also serves as a storage option and the rear half of the chair features a storage compartment that can hold smaller items such as a wallet, watch, towels etc.

Its overall design represents an optimized sustainability and the battery that powers the chair can be easily recharged by plugging it into an electric outlet via an access port within the compartment. The lightweight design of the beach chair allows it to be easily carried over the shoulder. Since users can link the projector to their phones via Bluetooth, a separate media console is not required to play media files on it.

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