Lucciola blends light with sound to set the mood

lucciola 07

Inspired by fireflies that produce their own light at night, the “Lucciola” (Italian glow-worm) by Bulgarian designer Desislava Sredkova is a unique lamp that doubles as a speaker to set the mood in contemporary apartments. Designed to be used in pairs to increase the light effect with surround sound, the Lucciola can either be hung from the ceiling or used as a floor lamp according to the needs and liking of the user. Measuring 30cm in length, the compact device is available in three variations, i.e. home, club and baby edition, which you may choose from a variety of colors and manner of positioning. The home version comes with regular white light, while on the other hand the club edition features a reflective surface to communicate with disco lights, and rock the discotheque with its unique combination of light and sound.

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Via: Desislava.Sredkov

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