Love Connection cellphone is all entertainment on the go

love connection 01

Drawing inspiration from the yin and yang energies, South Korean designer Joonho Choi has come up with an innovative mobile phone called “Love Connection” that illustrates the relationship between male and female with the symbols entrenched in the back of the device. Apart from working as a cellphone, the detachable device doubles as an MP3 player and triples as a small camera. Comprising two devices hooked up by a retractable cord, the concept cellphone integrates an LCD touchscreen to control the entertainment system. The device can be detached in two parts to be used as a mobile phone and a MP3 player simultaneously. Moreover, it can translate information or data to share with friends and associates. In short, the Love Connection becomes a mobile entertainment system for users on the go.

love connection 02
love connection 03
love connection 04
love connection 05
love connection 06

Via: Joongho Choi/ DesignBoom

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