Loungebarrow combines a padded seat and a laptop desk for geeks


The recently unveiled Loungebarrow by Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall, a German based duo, is the unlikely combination of a wheelbarrow, a desk and a comfy leather chair into one remarkable, mobile and versatile design. It resembles a wheelbarrow, but when deployed, it becomes so much more.

The Loungebarrow can quickly be packed up and moved at a whim whenever and wherever needed. For the nomads at heart, it really is the ideal chair companion. Recently, it was on the show as part of the [D3] competition for young designers at IMM cologne 2011. In addition, the Loungebarrow can be turned into a padded seat and a laptop desk for geeks. We can see in the pictures that the traditional function of a wheelbarrow has been reinterpreted in the Loungebarrow, where the modest gardening tool is outfitted with padding and used as a lounge chair.

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