LOTOS mobile power washer- your ideal outdoor wash companion

lotos mobile power washer iFfpI 5965

Have you ever longed to wash some items outdoors? The LOTOS mobile power washer is the answer for your problem. At first glance anybody can mistake it for a water-carrier or a big-sized thermos flask. This 2008 IF Concept is a portable gadget, the first of its kind. You can fill up about 12 litres of water in the flexible tank system. It is ideal for small cleaning. There is a detachable motor device and a spray pistol that is powered by a strong lithium-ion accumulator. This gadget is easy to operate. It can be carried conveniently and can be compressed when not in use. On the whole its a ‘must-possess’ handy gadget.

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lotos mobile power washer6 OCViD 16437

via: Tuvie

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