Loop shower system to unfurl an emotional, multisensory experience

Shower time can turn to be one boring daily activity with the same shower gels and bath equipment around. Adding some fun to the task of keeping yourself clean and in a hygienic state is a multi-sensory shower that has been skillfully from Idiha Design. Christened Loop, the shower has been designed by Diego Granese. It comes sprinkled with a lot of style and will win hearts with the elegance it oozes.

LOOP Polyethylene Outdoor showe

Loop, as is suggestive from the name, has been shaped like a ring. It will come wrapped in a lot of style and will make shower time the most relaxing part of the day. The shower unit has fetched a lot inspiration from waves. The practical design can be used both outdoors as well as indoors. This means you can even wedge it near the pool area, the garden and spas. Loop comes complete with sensors that will work as per the whims and fancies of a user, which means activate or deactivate whenever you want.

If you are in a hurry someday, then opt for a normal shower. But, the day you have all the time to pamper yourself and wish like soothing those frazzled nerves, the connected sensors will drench you with an oh-so-amazing experience as water from all sides fall on your body. Loop is available in a array of colors, which will give you a lot of flexibility to pick one according to your taste. The clean and curvy design will caress you senses and leave you charged for a challenging day ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Loop shower system to unfurl an emotional, multisensory experience”

  1. What an inovative design. If installed in one’s home, it would need to be installed on a floor area that had a drain, as surely some of the water is going to splash beyond the unit.

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