London whets our appetites for 2012 Olympics with grand Aquatic Center

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Amidst all the anticipation for the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing to begin, the hosts of the next Olympic games in London are already parading their own grandeur for the world to see. One look at the Aquatic Center in London, and one can already picture the excitement that it will bring to the 2012 games. I’m sure the swimmers and divers can already picture themselves performing for the world in the middle of the 20,000 seat arena. I can also see the architect Zaha Hadid waiting to add this jewel to her crown of numerous design accomplishments. The roof of this building has a unique undulating shape which bears a close resemblance to the tongue. We can say ‘the design speaks for itself (pun intended).

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The geometry of this building consists of mainly arcs twists, giving it an appearance that flows, just like the waves in water. The Aquatic Center is perfect for the spirit of the Olympics, which is to unite and dazzle the world, and what better way than to make a magnificent structure that will be the cynosure of all eyes during the Olympic games, and for long time to come. Also in the spirit of the games, the designers decided to give more people the opportunity to spectate at the aquatic events in 2012, hence they added temporary overflow seating to the sides of the Aquatic seating, which will be removed afterwards to return the building to its full shining grace.
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