Logitech advances the range of its mouse peripheral with tiny pocket fitting Logitech Cube

With the arrival of 2012, many of the inventions have already started taking place in the market. One among such inventions is Logitech® Cube. Logitech has introduced its new range of mice, Logitech® Cube in this very month of January, 2012 up for sale. The unique design, easy to handle and a complete official package is all what the wireless Logitech cube holds in its features. The appearance is similar to a match box due to its tiny cube form but with a shiny and glossy touch added to it. The shape is so very unique that now working with mice will all be the play of one’s fingers. It also acts as a presenter where it can present your PowerPoint presentations by simply up-holding the cube slightly from the desk, in the air. As the mouse detects its posture, it automatically turns into the presenter mode and will smoothly assist you in your conferences. All this is due to laser technique and touch sensors used in it.

Logitech Cube

The Cube also accompanies the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver with it. The receiver features the Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz connectivity and its tiny form factor that keeps plugged into your laptops/PCs comfortably. It also gives you the opportunity to connect six compatible devices like a keyboard, number pad or another mouse with no more requirements of multiple USB receivers; keeping your ports free. Thus, its small form factor provides the user with wireless convenience as he can move with his laptop to any place without the hassle of cords.

The Cube is a work cum personal geeky tool as it can be easily fitted into the user’s pocket and can be used at any time and at any place when the need arises. Moreover, it has an On/Off switch button on to its front that will help you with saving the power and necessity to use according to its time of use. The Cube also comes with a pre-installed AA lithium rechargeable battery, USB charging cord, a pouch and the user documentation along with it. The smoother screen movement just adds the perfection to its use, as it can glide smoothly to go on to next slide or swipe your fingers on the main panel to move up and down the page. All this is thankfully done because of Logitech’s Flow Scroll software that gives you the experience similar to your touchscreen Smartphones.

Seriously amazing, isn’t it? The Cube has already been named an International CES Innovations 2012 Design & Engineering Awards Honoree in the category of computer peripherals product. It will also be featuring in the Innovation Design and Engineering Showcase at the 2012 International CES that will be running on Jan. 10-13, 2102 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This distinctive little geeky piece of gadget can be available online for $69.99 at the official website of Logitech.

Via: theverge

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