LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella is perfect for rains in the Wild Wild West

Historians claim that the depiction of the gunslingers in the American West in Hollywood movies is entirely inaccurate. As official records state, murders weren’t as numerous or as regular as shown in these movies. Also, the gun technology of the time wasn’t developed enough to allow precision and people facing off against each other in duels simply took shots at each other till someone got hit.

However, none of these historical facts have ever dampened the thrill that western movies produce in the hearts of aficionados which of course accounts for the thriving merchandize market that feeds off the fantastical world created by these celluloid depictions. One such product is the Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella by LOCOMO. As its name suggests, the product is basically an umbrella which comes with distinct retro styling inspired by Western movies.


The handle of the umbrella is styled like a retro shotgun complete with a trigger. Of course, the trigger mechanism isn’t just for decorative purposes and folks can pull it to instantly deploy the umbrella and shield themselves from the onslaught of falling raindrops. However, the best part about the entire device is that when undeployed, the umbrella stays comfortably nestled inside a cover which basically looks like a covered up barrel of a retro shotgun.

Of course, you might still have to give cautious cops a full demo of your cleverly designed umbrella should they ask you for a license for carrying a firearm though you might still get charged for causing panic among the public if some people get a little spooked out by someone who walks around carrying a “shotgun”! To counter this problem, we would suggest that you don’t bring this stunning umbrella to airports, sports venues, cinema halls and any place where you are subject to a security check. The Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella by LOCOMO retails for just $23.

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